Student Project - Robotics

ICSR has recently supported and guided students of AUC School of Sciences and Engineering, Cairo, Egypt. The students not only completed the project successfully but also participated in Vex Robotics Egyptian Championship and brought laurels to ICSR and their alma-meter.

Finger Print Recognition System

The final year engineering students of KIET, Pune, India had approached ICSR for sanctioning a sum of INR 4000 for their final year degree engineering student project. They had used SM630 Finger print acquisition module and 8051 based microcontroller which was programmed with an algorithm for finger print recognition. The hardware required for this student project was fully sponsored by ICSR.

Bio-Inspired Robotics

Scientists and Researchers of ICSR Committee (Italy Chapter) have recently developed robots inspired by Marine Life. These robots can play a crucial role in underwater and marine research. These robots are now being utilized for examining the underwater condition (biological as well as ecological) of Venice. Some of the robots mimic underwater megafauna like fishes and whales while other work as swarm of small marine creatures. They operate together without any human interference and communicate underwater using LiFi technology (Light based communication) and do not use electromagnetic or sound waves which are detrimental to the marine ecosystem. The project has been very successful and is now patented.

Light weight Flexible Robotic Hospital Bed

Scientists and Researchers of ICSR Committee (Singapore Chapter) have played a vital role in design and development of next generation Light weight Flexible Robotic Hospital Bed. This robotic hospital bed can automatically turn and park in tight spots and cuts down the manpower requirement of the nursing staff. The project was reviewed by a team of 22 panelists and is now patented.

Cloud Controlled Fire Fighting Robot

ICSR has supported and guided Engg students of Kandy College of Tech, Sri Lanka for design and development of cloud based fire fighting robot. The project enables the user to control the robot through internet and he can see the real-time live video-recording of the hazardous zone remotely. The robot has ability to travel across irregular surfaces and has thermo-resistant body. It allows communication between the trapped victim and the remote user. It can detect hazardous gases and can rescue the victim (one at a time). Project is complete and is in the patenting phase. We sponsored various critical components for the project like Arduino Pro Mini, ESP8266 Wi-Fi, IP Cameras and Various associated electronic and electro-mechanical hardware like sensors, Gears, Actuators and Servomotor etc. The project is complete and is in patenting phase.

Cyber Foresnics – Image Steganography

We are trying to integrate the works of Mathematicians and Computer scientists of different universities worldwide to develop new approaches of cyber forensics. Our special emphasis is on Image Steganography. The project has so far been successful. Some of the results are promising and exciting.

Design of Low Cost Oscilloscope using Monochrome Television

The students of University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria had approached ICSR Comitte for sanctioning a sum of NGN 8000 for their final year degree engineering student project. They had modified the circuitry of old monochrome television to be used as Oscilloscope. The project was entirely funded by ICSR.

Remotely Controlled Car

A GPS cum GPRS based chip was used to control and track old Suzuki Mehran car. The car can be maneuvered, started and stopped remotely using SMS (text-number) or through Internet and can be tracked through GPS. The project is under patenting stage.

Other Ongoing Projects (Technology Areas)

  • STL Files based 3D Printing technology
  • Fast Watermarking of Videos and Images
  • Raspberry-Pi
  • Kali Linux based Hack tools
  • Micro-Controller and Arduino Board.
  • FPGA Technology
  • Semiconductor and LASERS
  • Li-Fi (light based bidirectional, high speed and fully networked wireless communications)
  • Lily Pad based next Generation Wearables.
  • Analysis and Design of SC-FDMA Over Various fading channels

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