Events Sponsored

  • IPV6 Security Certification Course at Oxford college of engineering and management (OCEM) , Pokhra University, Nepal
  • Workshop on Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Riyadh, Al-Yammah University.
  • Workshop on Arduino Board and Microcontroller Programming, Alexandria University, Egypt
  • Symbiosis 2015 (Tech-fest at Gandhi Institute of Management and Technology, Pune India).
  • Workshop on Buddhist Mathematics in Nalanda College, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2014.
  • Young Einstein (A 2 week workshop for kids on Science, Technology and Computers at Deccan Club, Pune, India)
  • Celesta 2013 - Techfest of IIT Patna India
  • Aayam 2012 (Techfest of NIT Agartalla India)

Events Organized

  • Workshop on Robotics through FPGA and Arduino Board, Riyadh, Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia.
  • Workshop on DOT NET frame-work and application programming, Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET), Gazipur.
  • Techno-Geek 2014 (Simple Institute of Technology, Pune)
  • Network Security Workshop at Jananseshwari Engineering College, Bengaluru, India
  • Indomation 2014 (Indsutrial Automation Workshop) at Sant Tukaram Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pune India

Upcoming Events

  • Webinar on Cyber Security and Hacking (date to de decided soon)
  • Workshop on Cross Cultural Diversity of India (date and venue will be decided by ICSR Governing Members)
  • Webinar on Software Engineering and Industrial Best practices (date to de decided soon)
  • Workshop on Virtualization and Cloud Computing.

Terms and Condition for seeking ICSR Sponsorship for organizing Scientific and Educational Events

  • The total expenditure of the event should be specified clearly.
  • The information furnished by beneficiary in the application form must be correct and true.
  • ICSR has the right to confirm the information provided by the beneficiary (sponsee).
  • ICSR does not provide the charges of transport, research lab rent or research guide.
  • ICSR holds the right to know how its sponsorship amount was utilized for the event.
  • The beneficiary (sponsee) promises the ICSR to acknowledge its contribution during the event.
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